Reiki Practitioner ☾ Tarot Reader ☾ Intuitive Counselor ☾ Artist

Since I can remember,

I’ve always had a strong passion about expanding my skills in creative and healing arts. I took my first art class when I was 7 years old, I began to study Tarot at the age of 13. I’d learned early on the importance of cultivating and strengthening my intuitive gifts. I spent much of my time as a teenager advocating for physical, emotional, and social well-being while volunteering for various non-profit organizations. I merged my interest in the mystic and mental fields by blending my passion of Yoga and Reiki with the completion of my Bachelors in Psychology at Georgia State University. This growth has provided me the capability to assist the creation of a greater sense of mindfulness, expanding consciousness, and awareness within myself. My purpose is to share this with others.


Services & Pricing


Currently Accepting Remote Tarot Sessions Only


Q&A Sessions (30 min / 60 min) — 55$ / 111$

intuitive reading conducted via phone call or video call

Decks Used:

-Traditional Tarot, Astrology Oracle, Keepers of the Light Oracle, Universe Has Your Back Affirmations

+ opt. Romance Angel Oracle / Numerology Oracle as needed

General Outlook — 22$

3 card traditional tarot reading conducted via Email or Chat


I incorporate all of my skills to provide safe space & support to all those who resonate with myself, my services, and with the goals of their personal and our collective growth. 


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Client Testimonials

I was feeling confused about a situation and as usual I asked Sara for a reading. After the reading I had way more clarity over the situation. I got my peace back. I’ve been going to her for years and she’s always made me feel understood, comforted, and at home. She’s very gifted in what she does and has years of experience. I also love the fact that she is very unbiased with her advice. Hits it right on the nail. Thanks Sara! :)
— Luthmila P; Time Traveler & Mystic (Honolulu, HI)
After my beautiful Reiki session with Sara, I was lifted out of mental anxiety & brought back into peace. The rest of my day shifted into more flow & harmony. I felt cleared from negative thoughts and a nice relief from body aches. I would highly recommend a session with Sara!
— Anna P; Thai Yoga Bodywork Specialist & Yoga Teacher (Atlanta, GA)

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Sara was able to connect with me through the tarot cards and her findings were very accurate. It’s clear she has a true intuitive gift. I left the reading with tools to help guide me through the current phase in my life and make decisions, as well as confirmation of the right and wrong paths I could take. I definitely highly recommend Sara and look forward to our next reading! ❤ She is a natural-born healer. Her hands are filled with a healing vibration. A session with her is a powerful experience of stress-relief and transformation. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts! ☺
— Krista H; Product Specialist (Atlanta, GA)

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*Currently open to commission requests.